There are many different processes to go through when you are planning on having a mezzanine floor fitted. The company that will be fitting the floor will be on hand to advise you on what is best for you and will always recommend the best option to take. Having a mezzanine floor built will save you in the long run and will allow your business to grow to its full potential.

Certain aspects to cover are:

  • DesignMezzanine floors are available in all shapes and sizes which are all different and have a purpose. But, the one thing they all share is a studied, well planned fabrication and design following the CE Marking.Attention to detail is key when designing a mezzanine floor as everything must be planned properly, hence why professional chartered engineers are always at hand for this. An in-house computer system is on hand to assess what needs to be done and provide us with a detailed floor design which are then turned into CAD drawings.
  • Characteristics – The law states that employers are always responsible for the health and safety of their current workers. When employees are performing their day to day duties, it is important that any hazards or potential risks are prevented.A mezzanine flooring plan consists of handrails on all exposed areas to provide protection from edges of the floor which inhand protects people from being injured whilst working from a height. Handrails also stop any equipment from tumbling over the edge and breaking the equipment of even injuring someone working below it.There are many health and safety precautions that come with having a mezzanine floor built and they are all designed to help keep your employer’s safe whilst working at a height.
  • Building regulations and planning permission – Because of the nature of building a mezzanine floor, planning permission is generally not need. As long as each floor is the right size and any changes are proposed internally.Although you may not need planning permission to have a mezzanine floor built, you will always need to ensure that it meets all building regulations. It is extremely important that this job is processed by the supplier as they will be sure of the correct building regulations and will ensure that your mezzanine floor will meet them.