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Famous People From Birmingham

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Famous People Who Belong To Birmingham

Birmingham is a beautiful city which is known all over the world for the food it serves along with a view that is one of the best in the world. Be it food, shopping centres or hotels, the place is all about class and energy. The place has been home to a lot of renowned people in the world who have made it huge in their own fields. We all knew that Ozzy Osbourne from the band Geezer Butler was born in Birmingham but which other celebrities and famous people have Birmingham as their birth place? Let’s find out.

Ryan Cartwright

Born in Erdington, Birmingham in the year 1981, the actor has made a huge name for itself in the film industry. With movies like Vacation. Alphas, Mad Men, Bones to his credit, the actor is listed as one of the most successful actors to have come out of this city.  Although he now lives in Los Angeles but most of his filming career and the successes he achieved were during his stay here.

George Cadbury

Cadbury is a name we all are overly familiar with. It is a name which is associated with the goodness of chocolate and everything that is sweet in the world. George Cadbury is the son of John Cadbury who was the founder of Cadbury chocolates and the cocoa company.

Walter Abbott

A professional footballer who was born in 1941 in Small Heath, Birmingham. He started his career while playing for the local clubs which led him to become a part of the Birmingham league in the future. With over 104 goals and 392 games to his credit, he was also once capped for the England’s national football team.

Sir Francis Galton

Not only entertainment, the place also produced some great men who have made huge landmarks in the fields of science, architecture, literature etc. Sir Francis born in the year 1822, was knighted in 1909. He was a socialist, an anthropologist, a progressive, polymath, geographer, meteorologist and a great explorer. His work in eugenics is what got him to earn such huge appreciation from everywhere in the world.

Barbara Cartland

Born in the year 1901 in Edgbaston, Birmingham is one of the most famous romance novelists of her times. With a lot of best-selling books to her credit, she has written over 700 novels all of which have gained huge popularity so much so that they have been translated into over 38 languages since they were written.  The woman who appears in Guinness Book of World Records for publishing the most number of books in a year.

These are just some of the many names who were born in this great city of the UK and have made a mark in the world in the fields of work they belong to. The list is long and continues to grow as we speak.

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