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Best Restaurants In Birmingham

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3 Restaurants In Birmingham That You Must Visit

Birmingham is known for some good quality Michelin-starred restaurants that not only serve some of the most delicious dishes from around the world but also provide great ambiance where you can sit and enjoy the food that is being served to you. From restaurants that belong to the world class chefs to some street side cafes, this place has a lot of offer in terms of taste and the variety of food it serves. From Chinese to Italian, Indian to Thai; this place has got it all. If you are planning to visit Birmingham over your next trip, here are 7 restaurants we would recommend that you must go to.


This place started way back in 2012 by taking over an old sandwich shop on Bennett’s hill. The place is owned by the renowned chef Adam Stroke who plays with the palate to create something exciting and unique for his customers. The food usually costs around £35 for lunch and £80 for dinner on average. The place has been awarded the AAA rosettes and the chef a Michelin star over his contribution to the food industry. The place is certainly not cheap but if you are in for a luxury feast that would send your taste buds on a roller coaster ride, then this place is a must-visit for you.


This place is always so crowded that you would have to book a table for yourself before you visit this place. The restaurant supports a cosy environment with some great South American food. Since it started back in 2011, it has made a huge mark for itself in terms of the quality of food it serves in the Birmingham street food experience. Rom nachos to sweet potato fries, you can find it all in Bodega. One thing that is worth mentioning would be its drinks menu; it will take you straight to Latin America and that too without a passport.

Chung Ying

No food scene is complete without some good authentic Chinese food. The place is buzzing with activity with Chinese platters and the sizzling food. The ambiance may not be decorated in a fancy way but the red and gold themed ticks make up for the Chinese touch this place needs. This place is all about food and variety. With over a 100 dishes to choose from, you can trust this place to offer you all the weird Chinese foods you have always heard about e.g. steamed cuttlefish balls, duck’s tongue with chili etc. The restaurant has been serving Chinese food since 1981 and is pretty famous amongst all the local and visiting Chinese there.

When it comes to food, Birmingham has a lot to offer and has made a huge name for itself in terms of the food it serves. You can find the most luxurious of the places and then the simplest of café around the street, both serve great food and many different varieties.

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